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How does the Long Sleeved Weaning Bib work?

How does the Long Sleeved Weaning Bib work?

We know weaning is a messy affair so this exclusive Long Sleeved Weaning Bib is designed to fully protect your messy little thing’s clothing; it covers your baby from neck to ankle and importantly, it secures tightly yet comfortably around the wrists so that food and juices can’t run down the bib sleeve onto clothes beneath.

 How the Full Cover Long bib works

Once your baby starts to walk, this bib fastens behind their legs with adjustable Velcro making it safe to walk. This bib is also ideal for messy play.

 Full Cover Long bib - toddlers walking - back view

We have a patent pending for our innovative design.

Our Long Sleeved Weaning Bib has won Silver for Best Feeding Bib and Consumer Choice award for Best Feeding Bib with Mumii UK Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2017.

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