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5 top tips to help with your teething baby

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Babies can start to suffer with teething from around four months old. When my daughter started teething, I googled how long babies would teeth for - I won’t tell you the answer! Having gone through this, I thought I would save you time by putting together my top five tips to help ease the discomfort for your little one.

 teething tips

My first top tip can be used on any age baby; homemade ice-lollies. These are ideal as can be used from just four months old which is when teething pains can start to kick in. Simply add breast or formula milk and freeze. This will be a great soother for them. I particularly like these lolly moulds from Nuby. You can buy them on Amazon for £6. Amazon Nuby Ice lolly moulds. Once your baby is weaning, you can also puree fruit and freeze.


Another tip for babies not yet able to eat if under six months old is to always keep a constant store of baby teethers / rattles in the fridge. Keep them in an airtight container so they are hygienic and then you can constantly churn them out as they do warm up quite quickly.

Once your baby is six months old and weaning. Your baby may like to chew on harder things to soothe their gums. My third tip is to cut sticks of cucumber so they are big enough for your baby to hold but also long enough for your baby to stick in their mouth and chomp down on it. The cucumber is particularly great as hard on the edge but soft in the middle. If you think your baby gets comfort from harder veg to chew on try sticks of Celery and apple too.


Next is cold yoghurt. This can be served on its own or with frozen pureed fruit as this sudden coldness can be lovely against the sore gums. Also, think about the spoon you serve the yoghurt with. I found my daughter really enjoyed eating her yoghurt with a spoon that was made of soft rubber as she’d keep the spoon in her mouth and chop down on this too. I recommend these Tommee Tippee weaning spoons. Amazon Tommee-Tippee-Explora-Weaning spoons


The fifth and last tip is to go for soft options as sometimes gums are so sensitive that they soft food is the only option. So try mashed banana or potato. Nice and easy to eat. These can be tried warm and cold and see which your baby prefers.


I hope these five tips help make the journey a little easier for your teething baby.

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