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About us

Baby Bibs and Floor Mat

Our mission is to enable parents and carers to relax while their kids are eating and playing. And reduce hours spent scrubbing clothes...

We love mess

Kids are messy. Along with the mess comes a lot of fun and you should be able to embrace that. Whether you’ve just started weaning your baby or you’re at the stage when your toddler has turned into a muck-seeking missile when playing, our long bibs genuinely stop food, juices and paint getting onto their clothes. Now you can relax and enjoy these moments while you watch them discover, learn and grow.

Our range

  • The Long Sleeved Weaning Coverall Bib: for use from six months, this completely covers your baby's clothes, securing around the neck, wrists and ankles.
  • The Baby Bib: our take on the more conventional bib. Ideal for babies eating non-messy food or who are spoon-fed.
  • The Apron: for use from about 18 months. When your child is more in control and can eat more tidily.
  • The Coverall: perfect for kids from 2 to 4 who still make a mess when eating. Ideal for kids with additional needs.
  • The Messy Mat: so versatile it can be used on the floor under the high chair, as a picnic blanket, or even as a buggy cover if your child falls asleep unexpectedly.

 The fabric

The long bibs and Messy Mat are made out of a fabric that is 100% toxin free and is so lightweight and soft you will not believe that it can protect against dribbling food juices. Water just runs off so you can often just give the long bib a quick wipe after a meal, but if you do put it in the wash it’ll be dry in just a couple of hours. 

Made in the UK

Messy Little Thing is proud to support UK manufacturing; all bibs, including the fabric, bib edging and even the labels are made in the UK. The fabric is fully UK compliant and is free from harmful nasty toxins.

Join us in our fight against cuff-scrubbing.