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What's the Best Bib for Baby Led Weaning?

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Our Long Bib works! 

We know weaning is a messy affair so this exclusive Long Sleeved Weaning Bib is designed to fully protect your messy little thing’s clothing.

Long Bib

Our long bib covers your baby from neck to ankle and importantly, it secures tightly yet comfortably around the wrists so that food and juices can’t run down the bib sleeve onto clothes beneath. Read on to find out more...

The Cuff

The cuff has adjustable Velcro so that there is a tight seal to stop food and juices running up your baby's sleeves and staining cuffs! The sleeve is carefully designed so that the bib fits babies from as young as six months' old to 18 months. 

BLW bib

Once your toddler is toddling...

Once your baby starts to walk, our bib fastens behind their legs with adjustable Velcro making it safe to walk. 

Long Weaning Bib

The long bib design fits babies from 6 months old and grows with them - roughly 18 months old (25lbs / 11kg). 

Patented Design

We’re really proud that the Intellectual Property Office has granted a patent for our innovative bib design. The patent number is GB 1415014.8.

Award Winning

Our Long-Sleeved Weaning Bib has won Silver for Best Feeding Bib and Consumer Choice award for Best Feeding Bib with Mumii UK Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2017.

  Award Winning Bib  Long Bib Award

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Find out more about our Long Sleeved Weaning Bibs.

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  • I found these bibs and they have been amazing
    They cover her like a regular bib and then some. It protects her and her clothing so well. She doesn’t hate it because the material is soft so she can freely move her arms.
    Most importantly. It washes so well. We have hand washed in sink and also in the washing machine. Comes out perfect both ways and dries so quickly when you hang it. I just hang it on a magnetic hook on the side of my refrigerator. No odors. No stains. Tough material. I bought six bibs but I probably would have gotten away with three since they are so durable. I keep one in my diaper bag now, too.
    I highly recommend these to any Mom who is starting solids with their baby. Starting solids can be such a pain because of the constant cleaning. Less mess, easy cleanup, and a happy baby!

    lopez joana on

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