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Long Sleeved Weaning Bib - Small Coverall

  • £19.99

Our award-winning Long Sleeve Weaning Bibs are perfect for keeping your baby clean. Our Coveralls protect every part of your baby from mess to keep your baby’s clothes clean.

Our Weaning bibs are not only water repellent but importantly incredibly lightweight so they are very comfortable for your baby to wear.

This Coverall is manufactured in the UK and used by mums worldwide.

  • Adjustable Velcro for snug fit at neckline
  • Velcro at wrist to secure bib at cuff
  • Long bib to cover legs and ankles
  • Option to fasten Velcro around ankles to secure the bib when baby is walking
  • Water repellent, lightweight navy fabric - soft against baby's skin
  • Toxin-free, hygienic breathable nylon fabric made in the UK
  • Can be wiped down
  • Machine washed up to 30ºC - dries in just a few hours
  • FREE travel bag to keep any mess contained!
  • Bib manufactured in the UK

Age: Fits roughly up to 18 months (25lbs /11kg).

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If your baby weighs more than 25lbs (11kg), check out the Coverall which is a similar bib for older babies and young children.

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Our Coverall bib was designed with baby-led weaning in mind as we know it's a messy affair! The bib fully protects your baby's clothing, covering your baby from neck to ankle and importantly, with long sleeves, it secures tightly yet comfortably around the wrists so that food and juices can’t run down your baby's bib sleeve onto their clothes beneath. Once your baby starts to walk, this long bib fastens behind their legs with adjustable Velcro making it safe to walk. This baby bib with long sleeves is also ideal for messy play.

Our bib fabric is made in the UK, it is incredibly lightweight and soft - babies forget they are wearing our bib! The fabric is breathable and free from nasty toxins. Our water-repellent baby bibs can often be simply wiped down but if they need a machine wash, pop in with your usual 30c wash and they dry in just a couple of hours so can be used for lunch and then be ready for dinner. (Our bibs also tumble dry).

Bring on the Bolognese and strawberries!

Find out how the Long Sleeved Weaning Bib works 

Our Long Sleeved Weaning Bib has won two awards: Silver Best Feeding Bib and Consumer Choice Best Feeding Bib from Mumii UK Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2017.

We also have a patent granted for our baby feeding bib from the IPO.

Best Feeding Bib  Award Winning Bib

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