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Care Tips To Look After Your Messy Little Thing Baby Bib

If you have bought a Messy little Thing bib, here are some tips to help you look after the fabric and get longevity out of your baby bib.  

Hand wash

You can hand wash your long bib and it will still dry within a couple of hours. Note, you may only need to give the bib a quick wipe and not wash it after every use. 

Washing Machine

You can pop your baby bib in the washing machine along with your normal laundry. But note, the bibs can only be washed on a heat setting up to 30c. Anything over this and it will damage the water-repellent coating on the bibs. Washed at this temperature the bib will perform well. Your bib will dry in just a couple of hours.

Washing your Long Bib

Do not use anti-bacterial washing agents or stain remover chemicals

Please do not use any anti-bac products or stain remover chemicals in your wash with the baby bibs. The Anti-bac is the sort of abrasive product will have a detrimental effect on the water repellent properties of the fabric, with just one wash as it is so strong, the chemicals will strip the bib of its water repellent coating. 

Tumble Dry

Your tumble dryer will reactivate the water-repellent coating on the bibs. So wash at 30c and then every now and then give it a blast in the dryer (up to 180c heat setting) and as long as the bib hasn't been damaged in the wash with a high heat setting, the tumble drying will realign the water-repellent molecules in the fabric.


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Happy weaning!

Find out more about the long bib fabric and why I chose this particular fabric. This article also explains the science behind the water-repellent coating on the baby bibs.