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Long bibs that work

We make long bibs that actually work for weaning babies and messy toddlers.

Kids are messy. Along with the mess comes a lot of fun and you should be able to embrace that. Whether you’ve just started weaning your baby or you’re at the stage when your toddler has turned into a muck-seeking missile when playing, our long bibs genuinely stop food and juices getting onto their clothes. Now you can relax and enjoy these moments while you watch them discover, learn and grow in our lightweight bibs.

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What is Baby-led-weaning?

Baby-led weaning is babies feeding themselves non-puréed food from six-months old.

It helps develop their fine motor skills and to learn to control their appetite. Get 5 top tips for Baby-led weaning.

Why use our Long Sleeved Weaning Bib?

Weaning is a messy affair whether you choose to puree or baby-led wean.

Our long bib ensures your baby stays clean so you can relax and let your baby explore food. Find out more about our Long Sleeved Weaning Bib.

Check out our inspired bib fabric

All of our long bibs and the Messy Mat are made with an extremely lightweight and water repellent fabric.

It is 100% toxin free and can be wiped down. All bibs are manufactured in the UK. Read more about the Long Bib fabric.

Thanks for the recommendations!

We are thrilled that the Mail Online featured our Long Sleeved Weaning Bib and described it as a “Game Changer”.

Molly Gunn a.k.a Selfish Mother, founder of the FMLY Store shared on Instagram that she loves our long Sleeved Weaning Bib while Baby Led Weaning her daughter. View our award winning BLW Bibs.