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Long Bibs for Toddlers and Kids

If your baby is growing up but still can't be trusted with the fork then these bibs will keep your toddler happy as they are lightweight and don't look like a traditional bib but still cover all the essential areas!


The Apron (cleverly named so not to annoy the child with a ‘baby bib’) this is perfect from the age of two and also works well for messy play too. The Lapkin generally kicks in from age three, this can be tied so it fits under their armpits or to just cover their lap.


The Coverall is a long sleeved bib for kids’ age 2 to 5 for messy eating and play. It has long sleeves with Velcro at the cuffs so food and paints can’t get down there sleeve - so it's also ideal for children with additional needs.