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Floor Mat - "Messy Mat"

  • £14.99

Our Messy Mat is the most versatile Floor Mat you'll ever find!

Size: 4ft x 4ft

  • Water repellent
  • Toxin-free, hygienic, lightweight nylon navy fabric
  • Can be wiped down
  • Machine washed up to 30ºC - dries in just a couple of hours
  • FREE travel bag to keep any mess contained!

This Baby Weaning Floor Mat has multiple uses - it can start its life as a table cloth and floor mat. As the Mat folds up so small (it's the same fabric that we use for the weaning bibs), you'll soon find that you'll be able pop it into the buggy or your handbag to take out and about and be used for picnics, beach mats or even use it as an emergency blanket.

As the fabric is water repellent, if you spill any drinks on the mat, you can shake the mat and it will still be comfortable to sit on. Or get caught in the rain? Throw the mat over the baby's buggy and it will repel a quick rain shower.

After use, just throw it in the wash - this is more hygienic that the hard plastic sheet mats that take ages to wipe down plus it folds up small so easy to store.

This mat is presented in a matching bag with handle so can also attach to a strap on your buggy.

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