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Baby-Led Weaning Menu Planner

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We'd like to give a helping hand by offering you a FREE weekly baby-led weaning menu planner.  It includes healthy meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days. This will hopefully help you get into the swings of things with baby-led weaning. All recipes featured can be found on our Weaning Recipes Blog.

Just add to cart and check out (it's free) and the weaning planner will be emailed to you.

When I started weaning my daughter, Emily, I used to plan weekly meals on a Sunday evening. This used to take one to two hours so I hope to save you some time by sharing my plans!  I created menu plans that the whole family could enjoy so that I wasn’t making meals for Emily and then creating something in addition for my husband and myself - I was way too tired for that! The great thing about baby led weaning is that this method encourages babies to eat exactly the same as you as babies can eat most foods from 6 months old.



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