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This water-repellent napkin is perfect for a growing toddler. The Lapkin covers your Child's lap just like a napkin but handily ties around their back to keep the bib in place to prevent it falling on the floor. Helpful for a toddler that refuses to wear anything that ties around their neck which resembles a bib yet still get mess on their legs!

This toddler bib is useful to help catch falling foods for those messy dinners like Bolognese - where your toddler doesn't want to feel like a baby in a bib but still needs a little help protecting their trousers and skirts!

As the fabric is so light, your child can forget they are wearing it.

Age: 3+ (including parents!)

  • Ties at waist to keep bib in place 
  • (Also ties under armpits!)
  • Water-repellent yet soft and lightweight so comfortable to wear
  • Child-safe, toxin-free, hygienic nylon navy fabric
  • Can be wiped down
  • Machine washed up to 30ºC - dries in just a few hours
SHIPPING:  Is just £1.75 for a Lapkin. 

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