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7 no-hassle tips when braving air travel with young kids

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Tips for travelling with toddlers

Dreading the first flight with your baby or toddler? Have a look at our advice for making it smooth sailing (er, I mean flying).

  1. I had no idea for my first few flights that you can take a baby changing bag onboard as well as your hand luggage. Stuff in some extra plastic bags; they’re always handy, especially if your family get struck with travel sickness...
  2. Obviously, pack a few new little toys but I found the simple things can keep young kids entertained; playing with plane seat belts or moving grapes from one pot to the other can be fascinating to a one-year-old! I also downloaded a few free game apps.
  3. You can usually take one pushchair and one car seat per child on a flight, free of charge. Be prepared for them to get rattled around in the hold.  They can come out quite bashed, dirty and possibly with bits missing. I bought a bag to put our pushchair in which fixed those issues and provide a sneaky extra bit of luggage space on the way home. Shh!
  4. You can take baby foods through security as long as you taste it to show that it’s food and nothing nefarious. So if your baby is less than 12 months, take an extra carton so you can taste it at security, then dispose of it since it won’t be sterile anymore.
  5. Bring an empty sippy cup with lid if your baby is a bit older. There’s always bottled water and juice on board and staff are usually happy to fill it for you.
  6. Calpol and Nurofen come in sachets! Pack a few in your changing bag in case of teething pain or plane-induced earache.
  7. Buy or borrow some reins for toddlers and baby carrier for non-walkers. Handy because even if you're baby is asleep when you go through security, you'll have to take your buggy / pram down to be thoroughly checked. So having your hands free of carrying a baby helps or keeping toddlers close by with reigns without causing havoc while you’re getting through security, scrambling for passports and boarding cards. Oh, and if Grandma is available, bring her too!

I have also heard people making up gift bags including a little note explaining that they have a baby with them and apologising in advance for any noise and a gift l like earplugs. I haven’t tried this approach, but it could be a good emergency pleaser on a long haul flight! 

Check out more handy tips on this video from ChannelMum 

Let us know how your holidays went, and if you have any tips of your own. Let’s share the knowledge!

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